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Unique Use Of E. Burnham's Products

Customers Unique Uses

Our customers tell us that they find many uses for our products – not all I could recommend – but they have found them to be very successful for a variety of skin conditions, I thought I would share a few with you…….

  1. My girlfriend’s teenage son uses our Retinol Ultra Rich Night Crème with Aloe to treat his acne. YUP – think about that – he applies it at night and it soothes his skin and apparently successfully treats his acne.
  2. A customer’s dog had a skin condition on his ears – I won’t describe it in detail as she sent pictures and well, let’s just say TMI – anyway – she used our Vitamin E Ointment with great success, the condition has healed and not returned. She is quite happy. I know she claims to have bought the product to keep in the kitchen to immediately apply to burns from cooking or grabbing a hot pan.  This is miracle ointment has many uses. It was developed by my father and the chemist when my nephew ran through a pile of leaves bare foot – and he did not know there were still burning embers and he received third degree burns on the bottom of his feet – OUCH!
  3. And most unusual use is a customer that buys a case of Lip Session and applies it to her baby boy’s diaper rash – not surprising that it works – but well… we are happy she is a satisfied customer.

-Nancy K.

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