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New Website FAQ

New Website FAQ

Q. Why did you make this change?

A. Our old website did not always appear correctly on mobile devices, like phones and tablets. Since about 50% of our shoppers use these devices when visiting our website, we felt it important to make a change. It also just looks better.

Q. What do I have to do to access my account on the website?

A. Your name, address, and email have been migrated to the new site. If your email matches one that we already migrated to the website, once you create your password and activate the account, the website will recognize this and match up your information.

Q. I don't see my previous orders in my order history.

A. We were not able to migrate previous orders to the online platform, though we still have your records available- just give us a call or email. Once you place an order or a Club shipment schedule is set up via the new website you will be able to log in and see your online order history from the new website. In short, only orders placed from the new website will show in your order history.

Q. What is ShopPay? I see that as a payment method.

A. Our website provider has designed checkout pages for thousands of online businesses. If you saved payment information on another site using the same platform, you can choose to use it on our site, or not. You can also choose to use Paypal, ApplePay, GPay, or AmazonPay. It's your choice. For extra safety, your payment information is always encrypted, so we never see your credit or debit card information.

Q. I already have Club shipments, how can I manage them online?

A. Our systems are not fully integrated, so at the moment, only Clubs which started online are able to be managed online. If you'd like to switch to an online-only club, here's how to do it:

  1. Place an order online using the 'Subscribe and Save' option on most product pages. Choose your interval between shipments, and complete the checkout process.
  2. Please let us know by phone or email that you would like your previous Club canceled, and we will take it from there.

Any other questions? Please give us a call or email us at and we're happy to help.

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