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Five Rules of Skincare

Five Rules of Skincare

1. Different products work in different places.  A facial moisturizer may not help the puffiness around your eyes, since that’s not what it was made to do.  Consider products that address the specific areas that you need to target.  Retinol Ultra Skin Care Crème for moisturizing.  Retinol Intensified Eye Gel to address puffiness around the eyes.  Retinol Correcting Eye Crème to tighten and brighten around the eyes and lighten dark circles around the eyes.

 2. We’re always told to apply moisturizer in upward strokes, but do you know why?  If you apply using downward strokes, you pull the skin downward, which could lead to sagging.

3. While you’re sleeping, your body loses moisture.  Additionally, since your body goes into repair mode, the nutrients in our Retinol Ultra Rich Night Crème work more effectively.

4. Most people use more moisturizer in the dry winter than in the warmer months.  You may want to consider applying an additional layer during the day to ensure that your skin stays healthy and hydrated.

5. Replenish the moisture in your skin after bathing, exfoliating, or shaving.  While the skin is still moist, applying our Retinol Ultra Skin Care Crème helps to lock that moisture into your skin.

We hope that these skincare rules help you in your daily beauty regimen.  What other tips and tricks do you follow?  We’d love to hear your secrets.

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