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E. Burnham Newsletter

At E. Burnham we like to keep our customers in the loop with what's going on with products, new products, sales or even sometimes just friendly conversations we may have with you - the customer. Today we are going to update you on our Retinol Ultra Rich Eye Créme, a new product coming and a FAQ we have been asked recently.

  • Update On Our Eye Cream - As many of you already know, our old Retinol Correcting Eye Créme that came in an airless pump has been discontinued without notice from our manufacturer. This left us scrambling a little bit. We were already thinking about going back to our previous formula before finding this out so it actually was a blessing in disguise. Now we have returned to the cream being in a jar like many have requested and we have upgraded our original formula by adding vitamin c into the mix. Many customers were frustrated with the airless pump over the last few years saying it wasn't working properly and many people requested we go back to putting the cream into a jar. The customers have spoken and we've listened. The cream will go back to our original name Retinol Ultra Rich Eye Créme and it will still be filled at 1 Oz. (actually a little bit over at 1.35 Oz.) at the same $26.95 price. All club prices will stay the same as well. Unfortunately we will not have this in stock until at least 4 to 10 weeks. Good news is, it is in production and being processed as we type. We had hoped to have this product by the end of July but there was a set back which is why our dates are a little bit later. Rest assured, you are going to love this eye cream!

  • New Product Coming - our newest product coming to the E. Burnham Retinol Skincare Line will be Retinol Deep Pore Cleansing Clay Mask in a 1 Oz. jar. This cleansing mask has all the best ingredients for deep pore cleansing. Kaolin clay which is great for sensitive skin, stems cells for plump, smooth, firm skin. CoQ10 a super antioxidant. Amino acids which are the building blocks of all proteins, including collagen. Retinol of course which needs no introduction. Vitamin C that helps with the signs of aging. It has a light, citrusy smell and smooth creamy texture. Another product we know our customers are going to love. Arrival date on this close to the eye cream date- about 10 weeks or so.
  • FAQ's We Have Been Asked Recently - Lately one of the most asked questions has been when is the Strawberry flavor going to be back in stock? Right now we can't give an exact date on when we'll have it. We are working hard to find a supplier at a reasonable price so we won't have to raise prices dramatically. This is our main goal. Since the pandemic, prices on supplies, labor, ingredients etc. have gone up. Some of our manufacturers can't even get their hands on the ingredients needed for our formula. We apologize on the long wait but understand eventually we will have them back in stock and we will make sure to let you know as soon as we have them in stock.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or maybe even a suggestion. We take suggestions too! Got a product you would like to see us carry? We love hearing from our customers, we really try our best to keep you satisfied. 

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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